Black Armor Window films offer cost effective film solutions to provide to your valued customers. We have a full Automotive range with a standard, mid range & premium option designed for any budget and customer requirements.

Black Armor window films are specifically designed and developed for the Australian market, which takes into consideration our extremely hot climate. This makes our window films durable enough to withstand any Global environment. Our range of films have been developed “by Tinters for Tinters”, offering a high quality film solution at a competitive market price.

We recognize the value of the window tinting industry is not just the product and the brand, but the reputation of the business owner and the skill of the installer.

not just a window film brand, we're here to help you grow

We don’t just sell film!

What we provide to you & your business is an array of marketing, business solutions and systems to help you in your journey toward success.

If you don’t like what you see, we can help tailor a marketing solution for your company.