Black Armor Window Tinting Supplies Australia

Designed and developed for Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Black Armor products are designed to help protect & maintain your vehicles interior and loved ones from the suns damaging UV rays.

Black Armor Window Films for Cars, Window Tinting Supplier Australia

Our Revolutionary Window Films

Black Armor Classic is coated with a durable, scratch resistant coating so you can enjoy years of beautiful performance without constantly replacing your cars’ window film.

Black Armor Select ceramic is manufactured by the most technologically advanced window film manufacturing facility in the world. Black Armor Select ceramic offers you substantial heat and glare reduction with high infrared performance.

Black Armor Elite Window Film

Black Armor Elite advanced Nano ceramic composition ensures your comfort and security. Provides maximum heat rejection without the risk of interference to GPS and satellite navigation caused by traditional metal-based films. 

Black Armor Classic Window Tint Film Supplies

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Huge shout out to Boyd, for his outstanding customer services. awesome network support & supply of a top quality product!!!

Looking forward to networking with you in the future, keep up the great work!!! Highly recommend. Thanks Buddy

Michael Gersch

Black Armor Customer

Awesome window film with great technical support & sales. Highly recommend Black Armor Window Films

Brendan Herne

Black Armor Customer

Outstanding company to deal with. Great selection of products, customer service second to none and years of experience & knowledge to turn to for advise and support with all industry related needs. Highly recommend!

Percy Smith

Black Armor Customer